Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Google + and your business.


By now, you have seen and heard about how social media presents new marketing platforms and increases your web presence. Now it’s time to do it for your business. Nearly 80% of American adults utilize some form of this media, whether it’s Facebook, Google+, or Twitter.

Social Media is a great way to create “social buzz” about your company, meaning many people are beginning to communicate about your business, it’s products and services.  Additionally, and perhaps a little less well known, is the fact that Social Media will also increase your rankings with search engines.  This means that your website will appear more prominently on the internet when searches are conducted.

Traditional forms of media are usually quite expensive, especially for small businesses that are just getting their footing online. Many social media sites are free so it’s a great place to get started.

Once your social media pages are up and running, what next? How can you drive traffic to your page? How do you form relationships through social media?

In addition to posting as needed, you can unlock the full potential of each update, syncing social media with current promotions or highlighting news or blogs that are about you or created by you.

You need to take a more active approach to your social media by researching topics and consistently reviewing your social media presence for engagement. They’re your relationships and you will still need to cultivate them.

At ACF, we apply our marketing prowess and knowledge of corporate social media management to go beyond the basics, creating a strategy that benefits your business to business and business to consumer relationships.

James Chamberlain is Digital Media Consultant for 202 Edge (Powered by  James manages social media resources on; Facebook:, Twitter:, LinkedIn:  James can be contacted by phone: 813.394.8036 or email:


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